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September 2023 Newsletter

Hello there!

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month by Life Happens. Life Happens is a marketing organization that helps consumers and financial professionals understand the significance of Life Insurance in the financial plan.

Can you guess our most visited page at

Our life insurance quote page!

From anywhere with Wi-Fi, run updated term and permanent life insurance quotes with minimum information needed!

Check out our latest podcasts:

Allen Mueller - the Journey from Engineering to Finance

Imagine trading your comfortable desk job for the unpredictable world of finance - that's precisely the leap our guest, Allen Mueller, founder of Seven Saturdays Financial, took. Allen found his calling in the movement of FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), transitioning from engineering to corporate finance, and launching his firm in the midst of a pandemic. He shares the incredible journey he undertook to gain control over his time and carve a path towards financial independence. In the second phase of our chat, Allen gets candid about the initial struggles he faced in growing his business. He recounts the pivotal moment of investing in a sales training course during a business dry spell, which sparked remarkable growth and set a course for future expansion. We also touched on a critical discussion about the role of transparent pricing and reducing conflicts through flat fee models in financial advisory. Strap in for fascinating insights from a man who dared to break the mould, chase financial independence, and navigate the world of financial planning on his terms.

James Conole - Scaling a Financial Planning Firm to an Enterprise Level Ever wondered how to grow a financial planning firm from a start-up to an enterprise-level success? Today, we're giving you an exclusive seat at our enlightening chat with James Conole, the founder of Root Financial Planning. Imagine managing over 250 million AUM – James and his team do just that and he shares the insightful lessons he learned on his journey. We explore the intriguing paths available to entrepreneurs in the fee-only community. James gives us a firsthand account of his innovative strategies: how he leverages his platform, expands into various platforms, and maintains a consistent, reliable, and positive client experience. He unveils the secret of the Sequoia System developed by Root Financial Planning. No stone is left unturned as we discuss the challenges of managing an inflow of prospects, building a successful team, and hiring the right people to support growth. Finally, a discussion with James wouldn't be complete without delving into the vast opportunities available in the financial planning industry. Are you considering a career in this field? Root Financial is hiring. James shares his experiences and offers invaluable advice on finding the right fit and fosters an engaging conversation about the role of the Sequoia System in enhancing a successful client experience. Get ready for an episode packed with expert insights and transformative advice you won't want to miss!

September was a busy one for BC Brokerage XYPN Live + Broc's wedding

Thank you everyone for your continued support! Let us know how we can help you and your clients this fall as you head into the busy Q4 season \ Schedule time w/ BC

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