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August 2023 Newsletter BC Brokerage

Hello there!

What's up everyone? We trust you are doing well. Here's our monthly newsletter for August 2023. We hope everyone has had a great summer and getting ready for a great fall!

XYPN Live 2023 is coming up!

Are you attending in Atlanta?

We'd love to catch you in between sessions. Please respond to this newsletter and let us know so we can be sure to connect!

Check out our August 2023 podcasts:


Broc is calling out UNETHICAL insurance practices. People need honesty not a swindler. It's gotten ridiculous, so let's fight it with some education!

1. Setting false expectations around pricing. 2. Insurance agents taking off riders / switching benefits to lower price and look more competitive to "win business." Commonly seen on disability income insurance. 3. Selling permanent insurance, specifically IUL, as the end-all-be-all Swiss army knife

How can we help your financial planning practice by year-end? Have new client onboarding's or annual reviews coming up? Let us help add value to your client's insurance. Whether it is getting in-force illustrations, updating beneficiaries, or looking into new coverage, we are here to help!

And a little personal touch:

Broc went to Santiago, Chile with his fiance Morgan earlier this August. Broc and Morgan look forward to tying the knot on September 23rd, 2023, then honeymooning in Bali for 3 weeks.

Peter continues to travel in 2023.

In US: Phoenix, NYC, Indianapolis, Chicago, UP Michigan, Charlotte, Las Vegas x2, San Jose, Lake Tahoe, LA, Orange County + more! International: Cancun, Dubai, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Barcelona, Ibiza.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support and share the good word about BC Brokerage! We couldn't do it without the Fee-Only community.

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