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November 2023 BC Newsletter

Hello there! We trust you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends!

A Few Updates:

We are so excited to welcome Josh Passler (FinArt) to the BC!

One of the things we have been consistent about is content creation and trying to make insurance concepts more simple and digestible. Josh is going to bring a completely new dynamic to BC by using his incredible creativity. Check out some of his work:

New Podcast Episodes:

A few more updates and projects we are working on:

  • We are doing a brand re-style! Josh will be working on new colors, fonts, and more.

  • We are working on licensing for Property and Casualty and have a rough launch date of 2/1/2024. Stay tuned!

  • The advisor portal will have a refresh to help support the Property and Casualty product lines. The more data, the better.

How can BC help?

  • Year end reviews?

  • Beneficairy Updates?

  • New Client Onboarding?

We can help!

Our mailing address is: PO BOX 441032 Indianapolis, IN, 46244

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