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August Newsletter - BC Brokerage

BC Brokerage has a new look!

We keep insurance simple

We took feedback from all of our CFPs to make the website even easier before:

Mobile Friendly

We understand that clients and their Financial Advisors are always on the move. The new website is:

  • 100% Mobile friendly (phone, tablet, IOS, android)

  • Option to upload documents via mobile device camera 

  • 100% secure 

Instant Term Quoter

  • Quote 100+ Carriers

  • Client/CFP inputs information

  • Term and GUL product quotes

  • Minimum effort and information

  • Mobile friendly (IOS and Android)

  • Instant Results

  • Ability to compare policies

  • Client can apply immediately

  • Quotes also sent to requestors email address 

Product Analysis

  • Secure Document Uploading

  • Can be part of your onboarding process

  • 24 hour analysis return time

  • Rate check - we compare to over 100+ carriers to make sure the current policy is competitively priced

  • Client/CFP/BC Brokerage transparent communication

Your Preferred Risk Management Specialists

We are thankful for our relationships and the ability to help others. 

Need to get a hold of us? 

Schedule a time here, or give us a call directly at 765.730.7146.

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