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May is Disability Income Awareness Month - MAY BC BROKERAGE NEWSLETTER

Without a paycheck, how long could your clients be able to maintain their lifestyle? If they’re like most Americans, unfortunately not long: 7 in 10 working Americans couldn’t make it a month before financial difficulties would set in, and one in four would have problems immediately, according to a Life Happens survey This is where Disability Income Insurance comes in. Think of it as insurance for a paycheck. It insures that if an individual is to become unable to work because of illness or injury, they receive an income equivalent to 80-90% of their income.

The Three "Buckets" of Disability Income Insurance There are a few different types of policies that can be broken into 3 easy categories:  1. Individual Short Term Disability 2. Individual Long Term Disability 3. Employer offered Disability  No one hesitates to insure their home, car and other valuable possessions, so why not also protect what pays for all those things — your income.

Learn More About Disability Income Here 

Disability Income - The Foundation of Any Financial Plan

Learn the ins and outs of Individual Disability Income policies here. Disability is an essential product to have in order to have a comprehensive financial plan. If your client relies upon their earned income to fulfill the needs of their financial plan, it may be just the right time to give their policies a review. 

The Steps to Getting Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

Long Term Disability Income Insurance isn't as straightforward as it seems. After all, insurance companies could be on the hook for 30+ years of your income - so both the client and the insurance carrier need to complete their due diligence. Click here to learn more. 

More about BC Brokerage

At BC Brokerage, they keep your interests first. 

Broc Buckles and Peter Ciravolo created BC Brokerage after finding a niche in the financial services industry. As independent insurance fiduciaries, they place a focus on helping their clients protect their financial livelihoods. The BC Brokerage team brings experience and expertise in life, disability, annuity, and long term care insurance.  

BC Brokerage is dedicated to their mission of providing their clients with the best service and products available on the market today. At BC Brokerage, they keep your interests first.

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