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Long Term Care (LTC) Quote Comparison at BC Brokerage - What to Expect

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Not all Long Term Care (LTC) insurance policies are the same - this is why we provide our clients with the top 3 results for your potential Long Term Care policy!

Once a client or Fee-Only financial planners completes our Long Term Care (LTC) insurance quote request form, they can expect to receive a comparison of potential policies in a 1 page insurance proposal just like this:

We will also attach the illustration for the policy that we are recommending.

We focus on:

  • Policy definition

  • Policy chassis / product type

  • Insurable Age

  • Premium Type

  • Health Rating

  • Death Benefit

  • Long Term Care Monthly Benefit

  • Payout Type

  • Elimination Period

  • Benefit Length

  • Base Policy Premium

  • Cost of Living Adjustment (if available)

  • and total policy cost

Once the client is able to review the comparison and the quotes, we will adjust as needed and answer any calls via call, email, text, or Zoom.

If the client is ready to move forward, the next step in the process is our client fast fact.

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