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July BC Newsletter - BC Brokerage

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Summer 2021 is here in full swing! Have you been to any fun places?

We would love to see and hear from you!!

Broc Buckles July 4th 2021

Broc was able to celebrate July 4th in St. Augustine, Florida with his family.

Here are a few places Broc has been to this summer:

-Traverse City / Mackinac Island, MI

-St. Augustine, Florida

-Cary, North Carolina


Milwaukee, WI

Costa Rica

Peter Ciravolo San Jose, CA July 2021

Here's a picture of Peter hiking in San Jose, California visiting his cousin and her new baby who shares the same birth day as Peter!

Here are a few places Peter has been to this summer:

-San Jose, CA

-Mantoloking, NJ

Upcoming Trips:

-Houghton, Michigan (Upper Peninsula)

-NYC and Hamptons, NY


Have you had a client affected by cancer ask you about their eligibility for life insurance?

Sometimes individuals who have had cancer don't think it's possible to obtain life insurance after cancer. The reality, is that most of the time there is a five year waiting period post cancer before insurance carriers will offer coverage. Once eligible here are some of the things that insurance carriers typically look at. -Type of cancer -Treatment -Length of the cancer -Family history -How long the cancer has been in remission If someone is ineligible for traditional life insurance, there are other options such as guaranteed issue life insurance. This type of insurance doesn't look into your medical history. There is however a catch. The downside to this type of insurance is that there is usually a limited death benefit (typically up to 100,000) and the premiums are higher. It can make sense for some people, but for others, the cost outweighs the benefit.

Let us know if you have any questions at all we are here to help!

Have you checked out our latest content on LinkedIn?

Peter C. Ciravolo talks about how you can start working with BC Brokerage.

The truth is, we mold our process into yours.

Call, email, or check out our website!

Why should fee-only financial planners work with BC Brokerage?

●Why it’s important to focus on controlling the controllables when starting a business and how they’ve focused on doing so ●About figuring out the type of life that you want to live and intentionally working towards that rather than mimicking somebody else’s lifestyle ●The difference between an entrepreneur and a ‘wantrepreneur’ Click the link below to listen or find it on your favorite podcast player!

How can we help or be of service to you?

BC Brokerage with Carmel, IN Mayor James Brainard

As we near the end of summer, your annual reviews and year end planning meetings will begin to pick up.

How can BC Brokerage help with your work load?

Whether you have annual client reviews or a new client onboarding, be sure to take advantage of our secure policy upload and analysis feature on our website. Go to our website, to start the process today.

We will return all policy analysis within 24 business hours!

Our mailing address is:

PO BOX 441032

Indianapolis, IN, 46244


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