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Q1/ Feb 2022 BC Brokerage Newsletter

Spring is almost here!

Happy February everyone. The Ides of March will soon be here. Here what's going on in BC Brokerage's neck of the woods:

2022 is the year of education at

BC Brokerage

Our main focus in 2022 is to simplify and educate the landscape of insurance.

We understand both advisor and client frustrations when it comes insurance.

This stems from many things, including, but not limited to:

  • The lengths of insurance illustrations

  • Insurance products and definitions being different

  • Everything with underwriting, scheduling exams, medical records

We know, have listened, and will continue to mold our systems, content, and education around making insurance easier and more transparent. No more gray area, confusion, or lack of faith/trust in the process.

Here are a few of the many resources that we offer to all of our clients and advisors alike:

LTD 1 page - 3 carrier quote comparisons

Advisors asked.

We have listened and are now delivering.

Every disability income quote will be scanned across the industry and have a 3 way comparison as seen above attached.

$0 for you or the client!

LTC 1 page - 3 carrier quote comparisons

Same goes here with LTC!

We have listened and are now delivering. Every disability income quote will be scanned across the industry and have a 3 way comparison as seen above attached. $0 for you or the client!

We've added a bit of talent and experience this year too!! So happy to bring Rodney Mogen on as our full time case design, quoter, and underwriting specialist.

Rodney is a 20+ year veteran in the financial industry. He graduated from Macalester College, in St. Paul MN in 1999 with a double major in Economics and Finance, and minors in Psychology, History, and Art.

Rodney, has proven himself as an expert in advanced life insurance strategies, Long Term Care, Disability Insurance, and Small Business Solutions. He has spoken across the country in many state legislatures and organizations to provide up to date factual information to help clients be better served. He actively coaches and educates advisers on these complex topics in order to make sure clients get the best service possible.

With his wife of 15 years, Myrta, Rodney also runs a non profit for physically abused children and battered/trafficked women to give them outlets.



Let's face it, what we talk about can be boring sometimes and repetitive - but this can be in your own head!

When in doubt, post about:

FAQs from your clients/referral partners

Local activities you've done recently personally

Any local volunteer work?

Groups you are apart of?

CE you just completed?

There is always something to write about. Have writers/creator block going on?

Give us a call, always happy to brainstorm ideas!

On the personal side of things!

Each and every day we are so thankful to be doing what we are doing and to be able to support the Fee-Only planners and clients we work with.

When Broc and I first started in the industry, we found ourselves as interns at Northwestern Mutual. To see our career paths and how we have stumbled upon what we are doing now at BC Brokerage, continues to humble us each and every day. We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support and partnership.

To continued mutual growth, from us to you, personally, professionally, and financially!

Pictures above:

Peter - highest point in Aruba. Vacation with family January 2022

Broc - Broc's front porch after a successful marriage proposal January 2022

BC Brokerage, LLC

PO BOX 441032 Indianapolis IN, 46202


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