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No Medical Exam Insurance?

Wait, it’s possible to obtain Life Insurance, Disability Income, Annuity, Long Term Care, Dental, Vision, or Health insurance without a medical exam? 



Well, you need to qualify. 

Many insurance carriers have finally come to the 21st century during 2020. The need to sit down with an insurance agent 2-3 times, be asked about your goals, hopes, and dreams, along with all your personal and professional information, and then take a medical exam, and get pitched a bunch of insurance products you don’t need, is no longer!

How do you qualify for no medical insurance? 

You must qualify for accelerated underwriting, and the policy you are applying for must have accelerated underwriting available.

Accelerated Underwriting is different for every insurance carrier as every insurance carrier has their own individual underwriting. Insurance carriers take into account your motor vehicle report (MVR), prescription database, previous insurance activity, and the insurance application into account. Some even take into account your financial credit history. Worried you won’t qualify? Don’t worry, you can schedule a time here with BC Brokerage and we can help pre-underwrite you. Click here to schedule a time. 

Now even if you don’t qualify for accelerated underwriting, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the highest health rating possible anymore. After completing a medical exam and the underwriting reviewing your medical records, the insurance carrier will make you an offer. We’ve also had some surprises along the way, where marathon runners needed to take a medical exam and a cigarette smoker who is slightly overweight (but everything was accurate and disclosed on the application) didn’t need to take an exam. Same carrier, applied for insurance the same week. 

What are the next steps from here? Click here to get a quote, or if you’re ready to apply for coverage, click here to complete an online application

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