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June 2024 BC Newsletter

Happy June! We trust you are doing well and enjoying Summer of 2024. 

Here are a few updates over at BC Brokerage:

We've always been creative and transparent with our marketing. 

Broc has recently taken it to the next level!

Property and Casualty Update

We are happy about launching

Personal and Business P+C in April

2024. We are a few months in and

we are having success placing new

policies and also doing agent of  

record changes.

Here is a sample property and casualty quote for a Fee-Only RIA and their own E+O coverage. Binded within 10 minutes

We are ready to help you and your clients today!

May = Disability Income Awareness Month

Throughout the month of May we helped spread the good word about disability income insurance!

DI is a huge risk for HENRYs (High Earning Not Rich Yet!)

New Only Fee-Only

Podcast Episodes

One of the best parts of our work are the relationships

we have with the planners we work with!

Thank you!

We appreciate you reading this far into the newsletter! Let us know if you have any insurance questions or if we can further assist!

BC is here to help!

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