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CARPE #DIAM w/ BC Brokerage 2022

Updated: May 13, 2022

Hi there!

Spring is here, May is here, and so is Disability Income Awareness Month (DIAM)! We understand that disability income isn't the most exciting conversation, but it is an important one to have with your clients! Sharpen up your Disability knowledge by attending our upcoming webinar on Tuesday 5/17 1pm EST.


This is not your typical boring webinar! Broc Buckles, Peter Ciravolo, and Rodney Mogen provide relevant straight forward information about disability income insurance for your clients. We will cover what you NEED to know about DI and help you understand the best ways to position, educate, and implement disability with your clients! This webinar will be practical and TO THE POINT


Having an own occupation rider on a disability policy is crucial. Specificity of your specific occupation within a disability contract gives you much more autonomy. With the own-occupation disability insurance definition, the owner of the policy will receive benefits if they are unable to work in their “own occupation,” regardless of whether they find employment in another profession.


We automatically send a few articles like this one when an advisor or potential client expresses interest in a Disability Income Insurance policy. Not all policies are apples to apples. Nor do you need every rider under the sun. It is our job here at BC Brokerage to educate advisors and clients. It's truly a "file in your filling cabinet, hope to never see or use it" type of insurance policy. 1/4 end up needing to pull this policy out of the filing cabinet

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Let us complete a policy analysis for you! Upload current policies securely here and we will get you a full insurance analysis back to you within 24 business hours. Have additional questions? Feel free to schedule a time with us here. Life / Disability / Long Term Care / Annuities

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