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Applying for Insurance with Diabetes 101

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

If you are diabetic and looking for life insurance, this is the guide for you!

Learn what carriers look out for and how it is more affordable than you think.

Life insurance and health complications?

Not usually a good blend. But for life insurance and the latest medical advances, being diabetic and applying for life insurance has never been easier. So long as the diabetes are medically addressed and treatment has been consistent for a 12 month period, the team at BC Brokerage will be able to scan the market to get you the best coverage and rates possible.

Although you may not have preferred health ratings, you may be offered coverage. At BC Brokerage, we will scan the market to get you the best rates and offers on the market. We will also work on discussing other ways of lowering your premiums, such as implementing a term ladder.

The best life insurance company for people with diabetes

Rates change all of the time. Carriers introduce new products to market. Thus, the “best carrier” is subject to change at any point. This is why it’s important to work with an insurance brokerage like BC Brokerage where we are able to scan the market and represent multiple carriers for you. We may apply with a few different carriers at the same time, letting them compete for the business to get you the best rates possible.

When you apply for life insurance with diabetes, be ready to go through fully medically written underwriting. This will include a full application, possible extended questionnaires, doctors records / attend physicians statements (APS), as well as a medical exam. The team at BC Brokerage will coordinate all aspects of the underwriting process. making it as easy and streamlined as possible for you.

What factors are taken into account for diabetics who are applying for insurance?

Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is much less common that type 2, and many times, is hereditary. Type 1 diabetics are usually diagnosed at a younger age, and face a greater risk of stroke and heart disease as compared to those with type 2 diabetics. You will commonly see these individuals carrying an insulin pump.

If you have Type 1 diabetes, you will be classified as a less favorable health class than type 2s. The team at BC Brokerage will work alongside you to get the best health rating and rate possible.

Type 2

Type 2 diabetics have a much easier time, and commonly can achieve Standard health ratings at certain carriers. Maintaining healthy diet and exercise is important, as well as consistent doctors visits. These individuals usually go through full medical underwriting as well.

Gestational Diabetes

This is only becoming more prevalent for females during pregnancy. Although this is usually only lingers around pregnancy, it is a health concern that underwriters must address. In the best case scenario, a woman would apply for insurance either before or after her pregnancy. It is also important to note that some carriers won’t issue policies during pregnancy. Reach out to BC Brokerage today for your specific scenario.

Diabetes Severity - A1C Levels

Insurance underwriters will request your A1C levels to determine your diabetes risk. A1C levels between 6.0-6.9 are more favorable, where as 7.0-7.9 will raise premiums, and anything above 8.0 will be looked at more closely, and could possibly be postponed until medically treated.

Diabetes treatment and control for insurance

It will be very important to explain your treatment and history of diabetes when applying for insurance. The team at BC Brokerage will coach you explanations to make sure we are clear and concise. No matter your level of diabetes, if you eat healthy, exercise, take regular medicine/visit the doctor, you will have more favorable health ratings and premiums. Underwriters want to see consistency in your diabetes treatment when reviewing your insurance applications.

Denied or Unfavorable Health Ratings with Diabetes

If you have been denied life insurance or received a less than favorable rating, it is worth reaching out to the team at BC Brokerage to help you with advanced underwriting. By reviewing your records, we will be able to pair you with an insurance carrier that will have more favorable underwriting rules. Each carrier has specific guidelines. We are able to scan and compare in many cases to get approval/better health ratings. Contact us for your exact scenario.

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