The BC Brokerage Process

We work with Fee Only Financial Planners to help fulfill their client’s insurance needs. Our process includes: 

  • Financial Advisor (FA) makes initial client introduction to BC Brokerage 

    • FA emails BC Brokerage with client(s) CC’ed along with initial insurance recommendations

  • BC Brokerage makes introduction

    • BC will email client(s) with our Client Fast Fact to collect information, review any current policies, and send quotes back to FA and client(s)

  • Underwriting 

    • BC will pre-fill applications and send to client(s) for e-signature, coordinate telephone interviews, medical records, and medical exams

  • Decision/Offer

    • BC will notify client(s) / FA the insurance offer that has been made, collect EFT information

  • Policy Delivery 

    • BC will electronically deliver policies in PDF format to client(s) and their FA (if replacement, we will remind client when to cancel old policy)

  • Ongoing Service

    • BC will review your policy annually to compare against current market offerings and complete any service work (update beneficiaries, bank info, owner, etc.)


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